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Greetings from finager.com

We would proudly present finager.com to you, the first ever 360° financial technical platform in South-east Asia. finager.com is an authentic financial data driven information and info graphic providing platform that creates data and info graphic awareness to the end user customer of banking and non-banking financial institutions. It promotes digital banking implementations focusing on Green Banking Initiatives.

Finager is compatible with the policies, rules and regulations of Bangladesh Bank and fair presence of morality. We are working with the best possible know-how to help the citizens of Bangladesh with understandable knowledge demolishing the incomprehensive shadow of “terms and conditions applied”.

We work collectively with green concern using the online & offline technology which can win security breach and data on demand for any authority or regulatory organisation. With the savings and preeminent use of human talent, we encourage the fifth generation banking along with cost effective operations.

Our services are designed for the betterment of the common mass, government privileged citizen and then for banks. We offer our best services costing no pennies and also assisting bank/financial institute to best deployment of their resources. As an organisation of the People's Republic of Bangladesh it’s our obligation and pride to acknowledge you the progress headed towards the Aim of "The Digital Bangladesh".

Finager is country’s first neutral online marketplace that gives you instant customised rate quotes on loans, credit cards or any other personal and corporate finance products. It helps consumers to compare best offers across various banks. Moreover, it gives consumers the latest news/trends and insights into managing finances better.

Few days ago, if you needed a loan for your car, home improvements or to consolidate your credit cards, you would need to get dressed up and head down to the bank to beg for money. By Finager, you can get loans online without ever stepping into a bank - actually, without even leaving your home.

Discover Finager, to get your support in any need to make your dreams come alive.

Here at Fianger, we are ready to serve the nation and its native for a better future.